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Word 2010 Password Protect – How to Encrypt Word 2010 Document

Microsoft Word document is widely used in the work environment and it has developed from the .doc format to the .docx format and so on. It is really a kind of progress, no matter for Microsoft or the users. On one hand, we need the Word document to help us in doing more things, thus we hope the Word had many more functions than before, on the other hand, Microsoft knows that we have such requirement, therefore, it has to upgrade its version to meet our satisfaction. Because of this, both of Microsoft and us achieve our goal finally. But the more things Word can do, the more protection we need to take. Therefore, in this article we will take Word 2010 as an example and talk about how to password protect a Word 2010 document with you.


password protect Word document

There is no doubt that Word 2010 is a better edition than Word 2007 or Word 2003. Microsoft Word 2010 provides the most remarkable functions in the world. You can use the Word 2010 to create a professional Word document, not just write down some words. You can even do some cooperative work and also visit your files at any place. Microsoft attempts to offer you the best document setting tool. And you are able to edit a lot of relaxed and efficient Word document and no matter when you want to do that, you can always capture the inspiration.

After reading this related information, now you have learned how important a Word document is and now that it is so important, you need to password protect Word document in your Word 2010 and be smart to protect your personal privacy. It is quite important and you can’t ignore the significance of personal information too much. Therefore, to know how to password protect Word document 2010, I think you have to know the following steps about the details.

Do you know how to password protect in Word 2010 document using the existing Office encryption? You can follow this way:

Step 1: Open your Word 2010 document and then click the File tab. After that, the Info tab will appear. Then you can click the Info tab.


Step 2: On the right of the Info tab, the Permissions option will turn out. Then you can see three sub-options under the option; just click the second option – Encrypt with Password.


Step 3: After the second step, the Encrypt Document dialog will appear. You can just type in any password you want.


PS: Do not set your password as easy as 123456 or “password” because it may be hacked by another user. You can set the password as an easy to remember password or a usually used password.

Fantastic! You have learned about Word 2010 password protect solution and now do you know how to do that? If you say yes, then I will feel happy for that. If not, you can read my article again and try to understand my meaning.