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Password Recovery Bundle – How to Recover Lost Password Instantly

lostpasswordHave you ever lost password in your life? If no, you will never know the feeling of losing password. If yes, don’t be so sad to this. We always say to our friends, it is not the end of the world, but actually when we really meet the problem of losing password, how many people can calm down and deal with this problem? Not so many I think.

Therefore when you lose password, do you know how to recover lost password of it? Such as the Windows login password, the Microsoft Office password like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access, some of my friends have no experience to solve these questions, so they often make a stupid mistake. Now let me tell you some of them.


Part One: How to recover lost Windows password when you forgot it?

Alice had a laptop ran in Windows 7 operating system. She created a password on to avoid possible privacy disclosure as like other persons. She thought it was foolproof because the password was very long with letters and numbers so that it was difficult for any hackers to guess what it was. However she forgot it soon because of the long password on the contrary. She blamed for herself but it was a futile effort. At the same time, she hadn’t looking for any Windows password recovery methods. Finally she reinstalled her laptop but lost all her computer data.

Part Two: How to recover Office lost password when you lost it?

Bob was an Office man who often made documents of his job every day. His Office version was Microsoft Office 2007, not the latest but it was enough for him. The Office included Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access and given to security, he need to create passwords on some of the files. But he was quite busy and he lost the passwords one day. What’s even worse, all the lost passwords were different! At last, he was fired because of his careless.

Part Three: How to recover Email password when you can’t login with it?

Calvin registered a Yahoo account last year but never logon to her Email again once she used the Gmail, one day she would like to access her account and ask a question on Yahoo Answer but she failed on account of losing the password. She tried to request a new one but she forgot the answers of her two security questions. She couldn’t login her Yahoo account and her Email. As a result, she had to register another account because of not knowing how to recover Email password.


Summary: The above three friends of mine meet a problem about how to recover lost password. Actually their problem can be solved by using an all-in-one toolkit called SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. It has three versions, Standard, Professional and Enterprise but I think the Standard is good enough for personal password loss.

This SmartKey Password Recovery is an all-in-one password recovery program which contains Windows system, files, database, archive, browser and Facebook. With using this password unlocker you have no worrying about recovering lost password. Now for more information you can visit http://www.recoverlostpassword.com