Word 2010 Password Protect – How to Encrypt Word 2010 Document

Microsoft Word document is widely used in the work environment and it has developed from the .doc format to the .docx format and so on. It is really a kind of progress, no matter for Microsoft or the users. On one hand, we need the Word document to help us in doing more things, thus we hope the Word had many more functions than before, on the other hand, Microsoft knows that we have such requirement, therefore, it has to upgrade its version to meet our satisfaction. Because of this, both of Microsoft and us achieve our goal finally. But the more things Word can do, the more protection we need to take. Therefore, in this article we will take Word 2010 as an example and talk about how to password protect a Word 2010 document with you.


password protect Word document

There is no doubt that Word 2010 is a better edition than Word 2007 or Word 2003. Microsoft Word 2010 provides the most remarkable functions in the world. You can use the Word 2010 to create a professional Word document, not just write down some words. You can even do some cooperative work and also visit your files at any place. Microsoft attempts to offer you the best document setting tool. And you are able to edit a lot of relaxed and efficient Word document and no matter when you want to do that, you can always capture the inspiration.

After reading this related information, now you have learned how important a Word document is and now that it is so important, you need to password protect Word document in your Word 2010 and be smart to protect your personal privacy. It is quite important and you can’t ignore the significance of personal information too much. Therefore, to know how to password protect Word document 2010, I think you have to know the following steps about the details.

Do you know how to password protect in Word 2010 document using the existing Office encryption? You can follow this way:

Step 1: Open your Word 2010 document and then click the File tab. After that, the Info tab will appear. Then you can click the Info tab.


Step 2: On the right of the Info tab, the Permissions option will turn out. Then you can see three sub-options under the option; just click the second option – Encrypt with Password.


Step 3: After the second step, the Encrypt Document dialog will appear. You can just type in any password you want.


PS: Do not set your password as easy as 123456 or “password” because it may be hacked by another user. You can set the password as an easy to remember password or a usually used password.

Fantastic! You have learned about Word 2010 password protect solution and now do you know how to do that? If you say yes, then I will feel happy for that. If not, you can read my article again and try to understand my meaning.

Word Password Recovery – How to Crack Word Document Password When You Forgot it

If you have a Word document and it is password protected, what would you do next? Just leave it alone and rebuilt another Word document? Perhaps some of the users will do that. But what if the locked Word document is very important to you, then you will not just take it easy to leave it alone. Even though not all of the Word documents need to be encrypted, we can also find some password protected Word document no matter what the version is.


Word password recovery

If you happen to have an encrypted Word document and you remember the password clearly, you are open the Word document in a fast speed. Congratulations! You are so lucky to use your Word document. But once you forgot Word password by accident, you are likely to not so lucky to open your Word document. Perhaps you have to find out some tips to unlock it.

What kind of tips do you need? Of course it is the method to crack Word password and open your locked Word document. At first, perhaps you would like to find out a free way to recover the password. But I am sorry to tell you that there is no free way to decrypt Word documents, Microsoft has no right to open your personal Word document, so when you lost or forgot the password, don’t have the thought to ask Microsoft for help.

Therefore, what is the best Word document password recovery method? It should be a Word password remover or Word password remove unlocker. Yes, such tools are good at recovering Word password. It is designed to solve all your Word password lost or forgot problems. If you lose all the information in your Word document and you need to open the Word document in a quick way, don’t worry you can make use of such tools because they do well in that.

However, you have no time to crack Word password with all the Word password recovery tools. If there is one tool you are able to successfully crack Word password, then you don’t have to try the next tool. Therefore, how can you find out an excellent Word password remover so that you no need to use another one? I think the SmartKey Word Password Recovery 5.0 is your better choice.


From this smart Word password recovery key, you can find out all the mentioned key features as above. It supports all the versions of Microsoft Word document, so you don’t have to worry about whether your version is supported by this tool. For more detailed information about how to use this tool, you can visit: http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/products/wordpasswordrecovery.html

RAR Password Cracker – How to Recover RAR Password Swiftly

Have you ever confused that when you download a RAR or WinRAR file for a long time, and then you find that it is encrypted? I think the feeling is by no means good. Just think before you download the RAR archive, you may have to search online for so long in order to find out the related file.

Perhaps you have to ask for many persons to find out the target RAR files you need. If the RAR file you got is from a professional forum, you may need to spend some money or virtual points for it. If the RAR file is a program, perhaps you spend much time download it, but after finished successfully, you would like to uncompress it, and then you are so depressed because you need a password to unlock it! That’s really absurd!

I believe you are not the first person who had downloaded an encrypted RAR file. At that time, you must be so angry but helpless. If you have no ways to guess the password, you have to make use of an RAR password recovery tool to unlock it.


RAR password recovery

What is RAR password recovery tool? What is the so called RAR password recovery tool used for? Do you believe that it will help you recover or unlock RAR password successfully? Have you attempt to the RAR password recovery tool? How much time will the RAR password recovery software take to recover RAR password? You must have a lot of doubts about the magic RAR password recovery tool.

Now you do not need to worry about that, I will take the SmartKey RAR Password Recovery 5.0 as an example to introduce it to you.

SmartKey RAR Password Recovery 5.0 is one of the RAR password recovery tool, and it is also sometimes named RAR password cracker. It is absolutely a professional RAR password or WinRAR password cracker and it has helped millions of users to decrypt their locked RAR files. It is proved to be a fast and easy-to-use RAR password unlocker to find out your passwords.

It has three password attack types – Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack along with Dictionary Attack. Each attack type is a powerful mode to find out your RAR password quickly and easily. To speak of, this program has a multi-code CPUs and NVIDIA-GPU optimized for faster recovery. Therefore you can just trust in it to recover RAR password of your RAR archives.

About how to use this RAR Password Recovery 5.0 you can visit:


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How to Compress and Uncompress Files with WinRAR

As known to all, most of us have ever used compression tools to manage our files that are not frequently used but perhaps will be used in the future. Meanwhile, the other purpose to use compressed files is that convenient for transformation under some circumstances. Now the most popular compression software is no doubt to be WinRAR. The following description will mainly introduce what is WinRAR and how to use WinRAR to compress files and uncompress files.

Part One: Introduction of WinRAR

winrar-pass-removerWinRAR is a powerful tool to compress your files and archives, its special multimedia compression algorithm and fastening type compression methods can increase the rate of compression specifically. The version of WinRAR 2.50 is able to to completely compatible the format of RAR and ZIP and its usability had been improved. The greatest strength of WinRAR is that it has great compression rate and fast speed. To speak of, when you set the fastest compression way with WinRAR, the package will be smaller than ZIP, while the speed is parity with PKZIP and it also supports the format of non rar.

Part Two: How to compress files with WinRAR

How to use WinRAR to compress your files? There are three steps as below:

Step 1: Download WinRAR

You can download it from http://www.rarsoft.com because you can get the latest version of WinRAR there.

Step 2: Install WinRAR

To install WinRAR is quite easy; just click yes as the instruction shows and then it is okay. And in order to be fully effective, when you set the file association window of WinRAR, you had better click “Select all” because it is beneficial for WinRAR to identify the files’s type. You can also check the “Put WinRAR to Desktop”, “Put WinRAR to Start Menu”, “Creat WinRAR program group” and create shortcuts.


Step 3: Compress Files

When we would like to compress a file in a folder, we don’t have to open the main application window of WinRAR, just select the target file or folder icon and click the right mouse button, and click the “Add to Archive” order in the popup menu and then another window will popup. Then you can type the name of your file, otherwise its default name will be “?.rar”. You can set the save path in the “Advanced” option and the others just use the default setting. After clicking “Yes”, the screen will show the progress bar. By the way, if you need to compress more than a file, you can select all the files and at the same time click “Ctrl” and then do as the above description displays.

PS: If you want to create the same name of your compress files, the method is quite simple. Just click the right mouse button when you select the target file and then select “Add to ***.rar” (“***” stands for your file name here.) This will be faster than typing your name when you open the application.


Part Three: How to uncompress files with WinRAR

For the RAR compressed files that is compressed by WinRAR, you can only double click it and then easily access the software. It seems to the same as opening a folder. At this time, the buttons will be more than select the common file, they are Add, Extract, Test, View, Delete, Find, Wizard, Info and Repair. It is quite easy that you only need to select the file and click the button to accomplish the function.

WinRAR also provide easier uncompressing way: Use your mouse and right-click the compressed file, in the popup menu contains two WinRAR orders, “Extract files” stand for extending rar file to the current path and “Extract to ***\” means you can create a compress files with the same name and then extend rar file to the current path. But either of them is very convenient.


Part Four: How to create self-extracting files

Sometimes we need to create self–extracting files and then we are able to invoke it any time, instead of compression software. In fact, to create such file is simple as well, just in the “General” page to set up the attribute of the compressing files and then check “Create SFX archive” and then you will find that the “.rar” becomes “.exe”.

Part Five: How to recover WinRAR files password

All the above four parts requires you to open the WinRAR files, but what if you can’t open it because the archive is password protected? Then you have to use a RAR password unlocker to recover it and then edit your WinRAR file. To speak of, SmartKey RAR Password Recovery is one of such tools. You can Google search it for more detail information or read this article in this blog:RAR Password Recovery – How to Recover RAR Password.

Summary: Useful information to compress and uncompress WinRAR files

I believe WinRAR will be the most popular compress format in the future. Then to master how to compress and uncompress WinRAR files must be a necessary-to-learn issue. In this article you are able to get some useful tips about what WinRAR is, how to compress WinRAR in three steps and how to uncompress files with WinRAR in five parts. You can also learn from how to how to create self-extracting files and how to recover WinRAR files password. I hope it helpful.

How to Recover RAR Password with RAR Password Cracker Successfully

In this rapid developed Internet era, there are billions of Internet users and someone even statistics that the Internet users are much more than the toilet users. That is awesome but we can draw a conclusion that the Internet has been one of our lives and even we are bound together inextricably. What do you use your computer for, for watching a movie, for learning some knowledge, or for reading some news? If the answer is none of them, can I guess that you are for downloading some files? Such is the case, sometimes we have to download some files from the Internet and most of them are archives. What’s more, such archives are usually password protected with a .rar format. Then how did you open it when you can’t get the correct password? That is what I want to talk about here.

You must be so excited about getting a valuable document from the Internet; perhaps it is very difficult for you to get it, perhaps you download it from a professional forum and it cost you more than ten forum points, perhaps you have tried to contact with the owner of the encrypted RAR archive but you couldn’t because the he or she is offline and you want to sent a email to him or her but there is even no email address you can find. So you consult as to what should be done next. What to do next? Certainly you have to decrypt it by yourself.


If you have the idea on how to remove or recover RAR password, then you are lucky enough and you can just do it with your way. If you don’t know how to decrypt a password protected RAR file, then you have to search online or read some materials about it. It will take you a little time but I think it is worthy. Or you can just take it seriously to refer my method about how to find out the unknown RAR password here.

In my way, I use a RAR password recovery software to decrypt an encrypted RAR file because really there is no other way I can find to unlock it. The name of this software is SmartKey RAR Password Recovery 5.0 and as far as I am concerned it is an excellent and professional RAR password cracker to cracker RAR password. It is easy, quick and reliable. At first I am worried about whether it will steal data from my computer or install unknown plug-ins when I use it, but after the experience I am sure it is safe and won’t harm my computer at all. Now let’s see how to use this RAR or WinRAR password cracker together.

How to recover RAR password with the SmartKey RAR Password Recovery correctly is quite a good and simple question. I think the essential is to follow the instructions step by step, just the same as the auto focus camera.

Step 1: As with other software, you have to download it from a website and then install it successfully. For this tool you can download from its official website or other download sites.

Step 2: Open this application and then you can click the Open button to import your encrypted RAR file. After that you can choose one of the password attack types to recover your RRA password. If have no clues about the password, you can select the Brute-force attack directly.

Step 3: Click Start button and then your password will be found in a textbox by this RAR password unlocker within minutes. Then you are able to using this password to open the encrypted RAR archive without any obstacles. The same method is appropriate to the WinRAR files.

You are the heart of the bursts of this magic and safe SmartKey RAR Password Recovery program? Take it easy, now you can read more detail stuff and download it here: http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/products/rarpasswordrecovery.html

Facebook Password Recovery – How to Hack Facebook Passwords Instantly

If we said that people had doubts on the social influences of the SNS (Social Networking Services), then there is no doubt that our life is being affected by different types of social network. And now the Facebook can prove all this. According to the Time Magazine, if we gather the five hundred million people that are connected by Facebook, the population size is only next to China and India. This number is amount to the third biggest country in the world. That is amazing!

In the advertisement of Facebook which is about chair, it shows that Facebook is just like a chair that everybody can share with each other. If you are tired you can sit down and tell your story to your friends. It can be your thought or just have a glance. That indeed is true; Facebook has narrowed down our friend circles and it is convenient for our communication, especially you can login your Facebook account on mobile phone!


However, at times when we haven’t logon Facebook for a long time, we forgot Facebook password carelessly and feel tense to ask for help. We all know that to lose a Facebook password is not a pleased thing to us, but once it happens, it is inevitable to seek for a solution and try it. Therefore, how can we find out one? Perhaps you can read the below description.

Measure 1: Register a new account instead of to hack Facebook password

If you have thought for a long time and you concerned that the account that you have lost is not so significant for you. Or you just decide to give up your Facebook account, or for any reason you can’t login your account, or you forgot the information that you wrote down, maybe you can attempt to register another account with your another account, but as far as I am concerned, it is the last measure.

Measure 2: Click forgot your password link on Facebook homepage

If you are scrupulous enough, you can find out a link that behind the username and password textbox. If you click it you can follow the instruction and then you will know how to hack a Facebook password on your own. But the premise is that you remember the email that contact with your Facebook account, because you need to type your email address so that you can get a reset password link from Facebook. Then you have to click the link and then login with the new confirm password.

Measure 3: Make use of third-party Facebook password recovery program

If you take seriously with your Facebook account and the above two methods cannot help you, maybe you can use a program to hack Facebook passwords and I think SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle is good enough to you.

This Facebook password recovery software is a 22 in one toolkit for anyone who lost their passwords, especially for who need hacking Facebook passwords without registering another account. It is designed to help you with your Facebook password forgot problems and with the help of this Facebook password hack software you can login your Facebook successfully with three muinutes. I think you can visit http://goo.gl/qSdaw for more detail information.

Password Recovery Bundle – How to Recover Lost Password Instantly

lostpasswordHave you ever lost password in your life? If no, you will never know the feeling of losing password. If yes, don’t be so sad to this. We always say to our friends, it is not the end of the world, but actually when we really meet the problem of losing password, how many people can calm down and deal with this problem? Not so many I think.

Therefore when you lose password, do you know how to recover lost password of it? Such as the Windows login password, the Microsoft Office password like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access, some of my friends have no experience to solve these questions, so they often make a stupid mistake. Now let me tell you some of them.


Part One: How to recover lost Windows password when you forgot it?

Alice had a laptop ran in Windows 7 operating system. She created a password on to avoid possible privacy disclosure as like other persons. She thought it was foolproof because the password was very long with letters and numbers so that it was difficult for any hackers to guess what it was. However she forgot it soon because of the long password on the contrary. She blamed for herself but it was a futile effort. At the same time, she hadn’t looking for any Windows password recovery methods. Finally she reinstalled her laptop but lost all her computer data.

Part Two: How to recover Office lost password when you lost it?

Bob was an Office man who often made documents of his job every day. His Office version was Microsoft Office 2007, not the latest but it was enough for him. The Office included Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access and given to security, he need to create passwords on some of the files. But he was quite busy and he lost the passwords one day. What’s even worse, all the lost passwords were different! At last, he was fired because of his careless.

Part Three: How to recover Email password when you can’t login with it?

Calvin registered a Yahoo account last year but never logon to her Email again once she used the Gmail, one day she would like to access her account and ask a question on Yahoo Answer but she failed on account of losing the password. She tried to request a new one but she forgot the answers of her two security questions. She couldn’t login her Yahoo account and her Email. As a result, she had to register another account because of not knowing how to recover Email password.


Summary: The above three friends of mine meet a problem about how to recover lost password. Actually their problem can be solved by using an all-in-one toolkit called SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. It has three versions, Standard, Professional and Enterprise but I think the Standard is good enough for personal password loss.

This SmartKey Password Recovery is an all-in-one password recovery program which contains Windows system, files, database, archive, browser and Facebook. With using this password unlocker you have no worrying about recovering lost password. Now for more information you can visit http://www.recoverlostpassword.com

ZIP Password Cracker – How to Recover ZIP Password Easily

zip-6Have you ever lost Zip password before? Suppose that you want to find some important file about your work, so you search online and finally choose a suitable document and you try to download it to help you with your work. When you download the file with .zip format but it has a password on it and you don’t know the exact password, are you apprehensive about it? You can’t guess what the password is as lucky as the Windows login password with the password hint because it is the first time for you to see this zip file.

How can this be happened around you? It is out of your exception and you become anxious and don’t eat anything in the evening! You may think to delete this file but you don’t. Maybe you really need to read this file, or maybe you spend a lot of money to download it but you have never read it so you are reluctant to throw them away.

Therefore, how can you open this encrypted file with .zip format? You can’t see the password by yourself. You can’t open it with the password hint. You can’t remove the password when you have never opened it. You can’t even ask the user who uploads the file to tell you the password. You can utilize the zip password cracker tool. Here I introduce SmartKey Zip Password Recovery Standard.


SmartKey Zip Password Recovery Standard is an excellent zip archive password finder designed to reset or unlock forgotten passwords for Zip/WinZip/PKZip archive. It offers three wonderful attack types: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. It is an advanced zip password remove tool which helps you recover unknown zip password files password. It’s highly-optimized to recover strong passwords at high-speed and use less CPU and memory resources.

Now that SmartKey Zip Password Recovery is so powerful? Then how to use it by yourself? Here’s how:

Step 1: Download it from http://goo.gl/SWrIy and then install it on your computer.

Step 2: Double click its desktop icon after installing and you will be lead to the user interface. Click “Open” to choose the target password-protected zip file.

Step 3: Choose the password attack mode: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.

Brute-force Attack: In this mode, the program will try all possible characters in the recovery process.

Brute-force with Mask Attack: In this mode, you can set any password symbols you know, and then the software will find out the reset password for you.

Dictionary Attack: In this mode, you can write down the password you can remind in a text document. Then the tool will try all your passwords to open the zip file.

Step 4: Click “Start” button to begin recovering the password. Within minutes, your password will be found successfully and displayed in the “File Opening Password” box.


It is really easy to use and even the three-year-old child who understands English can use it, so believe it or not, if you are anxious to look for the zip file password, you can’t miss it! And last but not least, if the document you download is not .zip format but the .rar format, you can also take advantage of SmartKey RAR Password Recovery to decrypt the password. It’s another good winrar password cracker to recover rar password easily and quickly.

RAR Password Recovery – How to Recover RAR Password

Is there any Way to Remove or Recover RAR Password?

rarThere must be some people who like to download documents. In other words, no matter what we download, sometimes the files is been password protected with RAR format. At this time what can we do about this? Do you know the RAR password? Did the original owner have told you the exact password? Does he or she ask you for some money in order to know the password? Do you refuse him or her?

It is usual that everybody may suffer such dilemma and have no way to know the password. However, did we give up and stop opening our files with RAR format? Certainly no!

311We can find out the solution by ourselves, without losing any data, without knowing the password, yes we can remove or recover RAR password by ourselves without asking any other persons for help. What is the method? It is SmartKey RAR Password Recovery 5.0 program.

SmartKey RAR Password Recovery is a useful tool when you forgot RAR/WinRAR password and cannot open the RAR archives. It can recover RAR password at high speed via 3 attack options: Brute-force, Brute-force with user-defined Mask and Dictionary.

With Multi-core CPUs supported and NVIDIA-GPU optimized, it can recover password 15X faster than other RAR password cracker programs around the world. Follow the steps to recover your lost RAR password:

How to use SmartKey RAR Password Recovery 5.0?

1. Download, install and run this RAR password unlocker to your computer.

2. Click “Open” to load the password-forgotten WinRAR, RAR archive files.

3. Choose any one of the three powerful attack types to decrypt the encoded password.


4. Simply click “Start” to immediately start RAR password recovery.

More details about SmartKey Password Recovery:

bundle_standard2SmartKey Password Recovery is a well-known password recovery tool at present. If you are looking for how to hack Facebook password easily, if you lost Windows password by accident, if you lost files password carelessly, if you do not know the database password, if you forgot Office password and have no way to recover Office lost password quickly, if you cannot remember your Email password, if you want to find out your MSN password or your browser password, you can take advantage of SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle Standard.


How to Unlock Microsoft Excel 2010 Password

excel-iconHave you used Microsoft Excel 2010 before? Do you know how to password protect Excel 2010? Do you know how to remove Excel 2010 password? Do you know how to unlock Excel 2010 password quickly and easily? Forgot xls password must be a terrible thing for you. In this article, you will find out your answers.

How to Password Protect Microsoft Excel 2010 Password?

1. Navigate to Review tab, under Changes group you will see Protect Sheet and Protect Workbook.


2. Click Protect Sheet, in the bottom pane of the dialog; enable those options against which you allow users to perform actions. Now enter a passphrase to protect worksheet and click OK.

3. When any user will try to hamper your spreadsheet, Excel preventive message will pop-up.

4. To make changes you need to first unprotect the worksheet. For this navigate to Review and click Unprotect Sheet.

5. Upon click, it will ask you to enter the correct password.

How to Unlock Password Microsoft Excel 2010 when I forgot it?

To unlock Microsoft Excel 2010 password when you lost Excel password carelessly, you can make use of SmartKey MS Excel Password Recovery 5.0 without any doubts. It is an excellent Excel 2010 password recovery tool and it supports almost all Excel versions including the latest Excel 2013.

SmartKey Excel Password Recovery is a professional Excel password remover or recovery program designed to recover forgotten passwords for MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013. It offers three powerful attack types: Brute-Force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. It’s highly-optimized to recover strong passwords at high-speed and use less CPU and memory resources.

Situation One: Remove Excel 2010 Password with SmartKey

Step 1: Download it from http://goo.gl/pBhJr and click “Open” to load Excel spreadsheet. Select your Excel document in its target folder, then click “Open” to finish file adding.

Step 2.Select “100% instant document decryption” and click “Next” to proceed.


Step 3.Click “Decrypt document” to start to remove Excel password instantly.

Step 4.Quickly remove Excel password with receiving the message “The file decrypt successfully”. Then just click “OK” to end password decryption process.

Situation Two: Recover Excel 2010 Password with SmartKey

Step 1: Get SmartKey Excel Password Recovery software and install it to windows.

Step 2: Open a password protected Excel file. Click “Open” and choose an Excel file.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate attack mode.

There are four attack types: Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack.

Brute-Force Attack: At this Attack mode, the Excel password recovery engine will try all possible characters combinations in the specified character set. The password recovery engine can find out a short password quickly, but need more time to find out a long password. If you remember part of the password, recommend to use Brute-force with Mask Attack or Dictionary Attack.

Brute-force with Mask Attack (High Recommended): If you remember part of the password, add those characters as mark, which will help the password recovery engine to effectively shorten the recovery time compared with brute-force attack.

Dictionary Attack: The Excel password recovery program will try all characters combinations stored in dictionaries. Add possible characters combinations to the dictionary, which is helpful for password recovery. Self-created dictionary is supported.

Step 4: Attack settings.

Option 1: If you choose Brute-force Attack or Mask Attack, the password recovery engine will try all possible combinations in the specified Range.

Option 2: If select Mask Attack, you should specify some password symbols which you can remember. A Password Mask must be defined to use Mask Attack.

Option 3: If Select Dictionary Attack, please click “Dictionary” on the tabard to set a dictionary.

Step 5: Click “Start” button to recover lost Excel password for Excel file.

Step 6: When the Excel password is recovered successfully, the password will be displayed as follow: